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Turn Ordinary People into Extraordinary Foodservice Employees ... and Keep Them!


Among the greatest challenges foodservice managers face is the endless struggle to build a harmonious workforce of conscientious, loyal employees. Learn from best practices of organizations that succeed in this struggle by practicing a novel set of character-based leadership skills. Their results ...

Employees perform at new levels of excellence, then ...

  Customer service improves, and ...

 Employee turnover is cut in half, then ...

  Managers free their time for more important tasks, and ...

  Profits increase!

These interactive presentations describe realistic ways for participants to achieve similar results. Attendees learn how to develop the untapped character qualities in their employees and more.

Character qualities like dependability, enthusiasm and thoroughness encompass more than ethics ... they are inner traits that produce tangible results!

Food service employee turnover went from 100% to 0 within two years of this training at Rolling Plains Hospital! If your organization doesn't double it's ROI within one year of applying character-based leadership skills, we’ll make up the difference.

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